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Geoenergy for Heating and Cooling

The Massive Potential of Decentralized Geothermal Energy

"Our vision is that, wherever you are in the world, you can plug your building into the earth and connect it to the energy that’s lying there"

The reduction of carbon emissions is vital, a mission acknowledged across sectors the world over, especially in the energy industry. But the challenge can, at times, appear overwhelming.

To overcome it, we must break out of traditional modes of thinking and operating to find local, innovative solutions to what is undoubtedly a global issue.

"Different technologies have emerged, like solar and wind, which are great for providing electricity," explains Sylvain Thierry, co-founder of energy start-up Celsius Energy. "But they are intermittent. For solar, you have day and night, summer and winter. And wind, too, doesn't always blow."

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